We can do applications or games for iPhones and Android based phones. The apps can range from simple programs or games, to more complex programs interacting with existing systems.


We provide expertise for designing and implementing internet based solutions which could range from simple webpages to more complex applications.


We have years of experience with getting results in software development. We have experience in areas like game development, optimization, internet solutions, mobile platforms and more.


The Customer

If you need a programming job done, BlochWorks is there for you. Whether it's a small job or a larger project, please don't hesitate write or call to set up an informal meeting.


The Product

BlochWorks do programming, design and project management in a variety of areas such as iPhone apps, Windows applications and web solutions.


The Company

BlochWorks is owned and run by Jesper Bloch-Christiansen, an experienced software developer with background in game development. You can also reach him at LinkedIn